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Snow Traffic Rush Rescue 2016


Join 911 rescuer team and handle emergency situation in the foggy & snowy winters. It’s time to lead Emergency crew to clear road blockage in Snow Traffic Rush Rescue 2016. Drive fast; rush through the city highway traffic in high speed to avoid accident. Operate aerial crane to lift the damaged cars; save the injured victims & drive ambulance to nearest city emergency hospital. Fly over mountains in rescue helicopter to save innocent lives and perform duty of snow relief team to thrilling high speed of traffic racer and fly helicopter with the flight simulator 2016.This winter season, due to heavy snowfall and foggy weather conditions, car accidents have increased. save lives with 911 emergency service, Perform life saving duties to handle crisis situation. Get the role play of 911 ambulance driver; turn on emergency siren and keep urgency racing car towards emergency site. Drive and park ambulance on freeway; lift damaged cars. Clear the expressway; give first aid to injured. Steer ambulance through blocky cars to save innocent lives. Break traffic law; dodge cars on the freeway traffic jam for rescuing victim citizens. Jump in the cockpit control instrument and lead the rescue team to fly zone. Takeoff for urgency rescue pilot flight from the 911 helipad station for rescuing flood victims. In this helicopter simulator; flying plane in extremity snowy weather is a great challenge.
Experience different emergency missions with this Snow Traffic Rush Rescue 2016. Drive different vehicles like city ambulance or giant magnet cranes. Fly sky crane and 911 emergency helicopter. Enjoy thrilling winter snow car racing and ambulance driving game. Double the fun by flying helicopter over the mountains & oceans to save civilians. Handle different situations and become the hero of Emergency Rescue Force.
Helicopter simulator Features:
10 Thrilling rescue operation missionsReal accident scenarios in snow winter environmentMultiple vehicles with realistic driving controlsAwesome 3D graphics and exciting gameplay